J Cain McKrell Risen Lands Duology Author

About J. Cain McKrell

The Witch's Catalyst is J. Cain McKrell's first novel. Born in 1983, McKrell started writing this book at age 29 and finished at 31. Currently he is writing its concluding sequel and has plans for other works. J. Cain McKrell is the pen name for the epic fantasy works of Patrick Crowley.

Hobbies and Interests

McKrell spends his free time reading, powerlifting, playing with his dogs, computer gaming, and dabbles with programming and database work.


Graduated from ECSU in 2010 with a master's degree in Education. If he could do it all over, he'd pass on it and would have started writing sooner.

Previous Careers

J. Cain MkCrell has had a variety of previous occupations including dishwasher, janitor, security guard, a brief stint in teaching, technical customer support, and self-taught computer programmer/database analyst.

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