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Back from a hiatus

Posted 2/2/2016
After taking a bit of time off I'm back to writing and getting my twitter account active again.

I'm about 80,000 words into the sequel to my fantasy book series The Risen Lands. The title will likely be Wizard's Resolve, and I hope to have that ready for Jan. 2017. I'm also working on a companion novella to introduce the series, and the ebook version will be entirely free! The novella will detail the early life of Sevra, the main antagonist of The Witch's Catalyst, and hopefully be a quick read to introduce readers to my writing style and fantasy world of Luskir. I hope to have this book ready for July of this year (2016). Bye for now.

Would you keep writing if no one read your work?

Posted 10/27/2014
An interesting question was posed the other day, 'would you countinue to write if you knew that no one would ever read it?'

There was a resounding yes in all of the responses, which might at first sound insincere to just about anyone who isn't well... crazy. I thought about it quite a bit - the time commitment in writing a book is monumental. You'd have to be insane to put forth all of that effort while knowing no one was going to read it.

The truth is that most books won't get a huge following, but thankfully, most writers are in fact delightfully crazy and will continue to write. We're crazy about our work... fanatic about it. For me, the characters have come alive and I can't stop until their story is told. The world is waiting to be completed, Jvard, Walt, Baerne, Devin and Myrna are all tapping their feet at me, sending waves of disapproval that I'm writing this blog post instead of working on their adventures.

Book 2 of The Risen Lands Duology - Progress 10/27/2014

Posted 10/27/2014
Knocked out another 12 pages this week, bumped it up to what I'd deem an acceptable amount for myself given the limited time I can devote towards it.. Really starting to get into the scenes I'm writing, a few weeks ago it was pulling teeth getting words to paper but the last few days have been more enjoyable. Hopefully that enthusiasm will transfer to the reader by the time this is a finished product sometime mid-next year.

Book 2 of The Risen Lands Duology - Progress 10/13/2014

Posted 10/13/2014
I managed to write some this week, typing another 7 pages towards book 2, putting me right at 50 pages complete. Ideally I'm shooting for 10-14 per week(30 would be great if I could devote more time into it). Considering all of the other stuff going on that was involved in getting the book up for sale and keeping on top of my day job, I'll take 7. Without getting into too much detail, the city of Dun'Aldir is shaping up nicely.

Other Risen Lands Duology updates 10/13/2014

Posted 10/13/2014
Since the book has been up for sale, I've done all I think I can to help promote it. A business page is launched for it on facebook (thanks to all who have visited so far). Two great reader reviews were posted on Amazon, and a few promotional items are coming in soon from VistaPrint - business cards, magnets, a few T-shirts.

I have 10 copies of the paperback on the way to me and look forward to distributing those. My parents still haven't read the book, and barely use a computer so it'll be nice to put a copy in their hands. So far about 20 copies have sold and an additional 30 samples were downloaded at! Not too shabby for a first two weeks, I'm encouraged by all the support shown so far.

I set up a Twitter account and had a memorable experience with that on the first day. Most of the programming I learned, outside of reverse engineering what I needed, was from Bob Tabor's introductory videos to various languages. Bob Tabor among other things has many well-structured lesson plans for various levels of programming instruction. I sent him a tweet expressing I was a fan and how he helped my IT career, and he responded back! I ended up having a small conversation with him through the course of the day, he asked me a bit about my writing, and I hope if I learned anything from him it is how to treat a fan should one day I be in his shoes.

Overall, it was a very busy, productive week and I look forward to the next one! I think things might be settling down enough to put more focus on continuing to write book 2. Thanks for reading.

Why I decided to Self-Publish

Posted 10/11/2014
After about 7 or 8 years of wanting to write a fantasy novel, and then taking the plunge and actually seeing it through to the end, I realized I knew nothing about how to go about distributing the work. After watching countless videos of authors discussing the publishing process, reading through many publisher's policies, and trying to get as much information as I could, I came across Smashwords self-publishing. Its founder, Mark Coker, stated on a few occasions that many authors were taking self-publishing as their first choice of publishing these days, and it has become a viable career option.

The landscape of publishing has changed drastically in the past 10 years. I don't have anything against a traditional publisher, and if by some twist of fortune I was ever sought out by one, I'd certainly consider it. After weighing the decision for many months, it boiled down to my goal was to make my book available for purchase. Plain and simple. The most straight-forward way of achieving that was through self-publishing.

What the decision came down to for me was the pros of self-publishing outweighed the cons. Self-publishing gave me full control over every aspect of running myself as a business. My only deadlines are the ones I impose upon myself. I have full control over my personal branding, and maintaining 100% of the rights to my work. I wouldn't have to sit idle for months while my manuscript sat in a stack until it was reviewed, anxiously waiting to hear if it was a project they wanted to take on. Even if they did take it on, it didn't necessarily mean any more copies would sell than if I tried to publish myself.

Between, Amazon's self-publishing software, and for handling paperback distribution, I was blown away with how simple it was to get my work out there. Having a bit of a programming background myself, the tools they made are amazing, and my hat is off to them for the web applications they've developed. I didn't submit my book to a single publishing house - after reviewing all of the information available to me and trying to make the best informed decision I could, becoming an independent author made more sense at this time.

Weekly Update 10/6/2014

Posted 10/6/2014
As you may be aware, The Witch's Catalyst is book 1 of The Risen Lands Duology. I hope all of you reading it are enjoying it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Also I want you to rest assured I am hard at work on the concluding second book as well. Currently I have about 43 pages written of it. My goal is to type 10 pages a week; more would be nice, but to be realistic it is challenging to work fulltime, try and promote the first book, as well as type the 2nd book. Finishing the 2nd book is a top priority, and I'm aiming to have it up for sale in August 2015. Please keep checking in for weekly progress updates!

Book has been launched!

Posted 10/6/2014
On September 29th The Witch's Catalyst was published to as well as (See Home page for details). I'd like to thank everyone for the support they've shown. Paperbacks will be ready probably within a week - several have expressed interest in a hard copy rather than ebook format, and I'll keep you posted to its progress. The tools for self-publishing on are amazing and I'd like to thank them for the services they provide to independent authors, and encourage anyone reading this post to give them a visit!

The Witch's Catalyst Nearly Complete!

Posted 9/16/2014
After almost two long years the Witch's Catalyst is nearly finished. I started working on it in November of 2012, spent eleven months writing it and another eleven going through various edits. Now that it is nearly ready, the process of attempting to self-publish a book has taken on a life of its own. It takes more than being a writer to create and sell a book - and that's why I launched Booksmithy after going through this process. To self-publish, you are not only the author, but the marketing manager, web designer, editor, graphic designer, and accountant all in one. Hopefully Booksmithy can provide assistance in some of these roles to another some day.

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